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Singles by dynamicduo Singles by dynamicduo
a collection of presets, that have only been available scattered over mini-packs and compilations.

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Grandchild Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2007
:trout:tentaclism we all know that one! still good though not my personal favourite
:trout:do you copy kinda standard, and i don't really like these fuzzy edges
:trout:european future somehow i really like this, guess it's the texers and the familiar image plus the nice movements. cool! :thumbsup:
:trout:who desn't like wood well i do, plus the colourscheme surprisingly works, nice flow, though still a flow
:trout:contraction nice gritty dark one. a cave i wouldn't want to get lost in. but still i like my remix more ;p
:trout:pit i have a preset that's a little bit similar in my own folder but never dared to show it because it looks waay cheaper than this one here. it desn't really grow on me but it's kinda fresh though and that's good :) and is provides good music response
:trout:random anja hmmm this has to be my favourite of the bunch, the colors kick ass! and i always liked those wavy presets :#1:
:trout:kinematics these colours can be great looking but *not* on grey!
:trout:incessant aiii! niiice one for sure, runner-up i guess...
:trout:zamuz it well nice try but there too little happening in this one. it looks zamuz'ish but hasn't got his 'wow bam'-look.
:trout:dial m for drugstore a classic i guess... same as the first one.
:trout:flickermood oh i do like this one, the pattern of course. great stylish thingy :popcorn:
:trout:the crossing reminds me of ~Denkensiefursich's preset from the WFC4 "sacred scars" the colours here are not really to my taste, nice preset though
:trout:in movement one of my all-time favourite presets - just fat, fast and... oh well, ...furious ;)
:trout:elevation oooh! people are gonna love this one, it's got such great colours and the trippiness and the classic-ness and whatnot. another fav here.
:trout:upachi and another bomb from the past! great, nothing less, gotta love it. :)
:trout:it's all square looks a little bit generic with the colourmap-falloff.
:trout:get sick oh i will! nice trippy preset, esp. fullscreen :eyepopping: weird but i like these odd colours here.
:trout:kinderschokolade the colours ruin it for me here, and it's moving too fast imo.
:trout:untitled031 nice one, sure-fire-colours fat look, what's to complain :)

overall a really great compilation of old and new presets with many awesome presets on the way. all of them were good if not all to my liking.
have a :+fav:


resolution 400x300
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November 7, 2007
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