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R2 by dynamicduo R2 by dynamicduo
R2, the follow-up to 2005's DDrmx pack, is a remix collection containing 32 presets from the last seven years.

It is divided into two parts, the first containing most Dynamic Duo remixes since the release of DDrmx. The second part contains "solo" remixes from ~skupers and `yathosho. They have either been chosen for their influence on the Dynamix pack, their rarity or simply for being among our favourites.

While most of our fans will know the majority of presets included, this pack also contains never before seen material and new versions of old mixes.

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framesofreality Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2010
excellent pack, i especially liked wanlotus, the dreamtime remix, in the burning, fill my head..., hentai.. and i could go on all day. the synaptic highway remix is great indeed :)
the to dye for remix is a nice shout out :D
Grandchild Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2010
Nice resightings of classics and a few new goodies.

Stuff I had to say more about:
team play:
:bulletblack: 01 pak-9 & vanish - ninjaisbleeding [dynamic duo's dark traumatization]: just a cool classic in with a fancy modern textured feel.
:bulletblack: 02 amphirion - wanlotus [dynamic duo rework]: This has to be one of the coolest colour/texture combos ever. Just pure dystopian grime.
:bulletblack: 03 duo - dye in the water [dynamic duo's -to dye for- rework 2009]: I think I still like the original better... Sorry.
:bulletblack: 04 el-vis - dreamtime [dynamic duo's harry-bo rework #3]: :lol: funk-aay! I like it. Some fun is what AVS needs these days, imho.
:bulletblack: 09 vanish - fractalbase [dynamic duo keeps-on-rubbing mix]: I still like this one. Harsh nostalgic pixel feeling.
:bulletblack: 11 onionring - left right up down [dynamic duo's miami nightdrive]: Apart from the colours if I did a remix of this it would have probably looked about the same. :)
:bulletblack: 13 javs & grandchild - leaving the class-sick [dynamic duo rework]: Thanks for the remix, but I prefer the black versions... Sorry.
:bulletblack: 15 amphirion - can't touch this [dynamic duo rework]: More textury goodness, and again with amphirion-style underneath. A very fruitful combination I have to say!
:bulletblack: 16 zamuz - spiritual [dynamic duo treatment]: Even though I don't exactly like this approach on this preset I have to give you credit for the cool coarse, chunky grain effect you did here.

:bulletblack: 01 skupers - dual flow [yathosho's twice the flavour edit]: Still one of the best-coloured flows out there. 'nuff said.
:bulletblack: 04 el-vis - burn [skupers baby burn remix - edit]: smooth as silk with great colours, nice shadows, what's not to like?
:bulletblack: 05 unconed - going up-n-down [spitzen tapete, yathosho!]: I think I liked the colours on the original remix better, but still a nice preset. And still a hehe moment for me from seeing this in the tech orgasm that was Whacko Revisited.
:bulletblack: 07 skupers - graphiterx [yathosho in macau remix]: I love the colours in this. Else it's ok, but the colours make me like this.
:bulletblack: 09 duo - dye in the water [skupers remix - edit]: Now this one is a better remix of this preset!
:bulletblack: 11 yathosho - unknown [skupers remix]: This one is just ingenious, lovely colours to boost up a yathosho-style preset.
:bulletblack: 12 el-vis - golden [skupers remix]: Such a classic for me - tastefully remixed & with updated colours.
:bulletblack: 15 onionring - living watercolor [yathosho's fragmentation #2]: Sorry, but no.
:bulletblack: 15 yathosho - vogue [skupers glitch remix]: I like the feedback here, reminds me of classic procedural stuff like lia's Re-Move. The colours are not always my thing.
:bulletblack: 16 amphirion - abstractica part deux [ya-tho-sho vbs.krower.c]: That nice combo again, though I have to say that it moves a bit to slowly for me, 'lagging' in a way.
dRRew Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2009
Such a great collection of presets
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